Episode 1 kicks off with Stacey Herrera of The Sensuality Project. Stacey is a Life Coach to Women and her work is centered around PLEASURE! She helps women tune into the wisdom of their bodies while cultivating sexy, delicious lives and healing their womb so they can experience the fullness of life.

During this episode we went THERE. I’m talking the kind of there where you just might want to make sure the kiddies aren’t around while listening. We’re talking sex toys, polygamy, and a host of other yumminess. Pour you a glass of wine and enjoy 🙂

EP.1- Pleasure, Barry White vs. Prince & Monogamy

by Jay w/Stacey Herrera | Pretty Wild Soul Podcast

How To Connect With Stacey


Facebook Group: The Sense & Sexability Society

Instagram: @staceynherrera


  1. Biba A.

    Soooooooooo worth the wait!! I LOVED it!!!!!! Great work ladies!

    • prettywildsoul

      Hey Biba!!!! I’m glad you love it! We had a blast recording it! Thanks for listening XO



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