I love meeting new people,  making new friends, attending fun events and creating beautiful, life-changing and memorable experiences. My friends are always telling me that I’ll talk to ANYBODY and I will. There’s something so beautiful to me about being able to connect with people no matter where they’re from, what they do and what they’ve experienced.

Whether your intention is to have me speak at an event, partner with me or to simply say hello, I love that you’d take out the time to send me a message and I’m excited to connect with you.

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From a young age, I’ve always been the woman (or girl at the time) that people trusted enough to share their most intimate secrets with. They’ve trusted not only that the sacred parts of their life are safe with me but that I’ll provide them with wise, unbiased and most of the time in-your-face counsel; the kind that stings but also helps you become introspective and begin your journey to healing.

Whether you’re planning a team building workshop, a retreat or a having an intimate gathering, I’d love to be a catalyst in the process to helping women heal, love, support and live radically.

I’ve spoken on a variety of topics as well as a guest panelist speaking on subjects pertaining to, business, leadership, sexual violence, std’s & HIV/aids prevention, self-esteem, and healing.

Fill out the form below to help me learn more about you event. I’m excited to connect with you.

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The Pretty Wild Soul Podcast is a weekly podcast where I interview badass women (and sometimes men) from all over the world. We discuss everything from sensuality, sex, spirituality, magic, mental wellness, advocacy, dating, travel and more.

I’m always looking for amazing people doing amazing things. If this sound like your jam, read on to find out how this works:

You’d be  a great podcast guest if you’re:

  • a talker
  • love to have fun
  • have a super amazing story to share
  • love supporting women
  • are open-minded

You’d also need to have:

  • great wi-fi connection
  • headphones

Sounds easy enough, right?

Leave your info below and I’ll get back to you within 24 hours. I’m excited to have you on the show!

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I love sweet love notes! Probably more than I love a yummy glass of Merlot and I LOVE Merlot.

If you’ve read my blog, listened to the podcast, heard me speak, follow me on instagram…okay, you know where I’m going with this.

If you just want to say “hey girl hey”, shoot me a message! Or if you want to gift me a bottle of wine you can do that too. 🙂  I might even call you if you leave me your number! XOXO





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